Looking for a holiday romance? Come to Spain

Looking for a holiday romance? Come to Spain
Spaniards love a holiday romance. Photo: Lorenia/Flickr
It's official: Spaniards are a nation of lotharios and are the most likely in Europe to embark on a holiday romance.

Living up to their 'latin lover' reputation as a nation of lotharios, Spaniards are more likely than other Europeans to embark on a summer fling, a new survey has revealed. 

And Spaniards are under no illusions; they realize their summer loves are going to be fleeting and short-lived, found the survey, by the dating app Happn in conjunction with consultancy Opinion Way.

The French dating app uses GPS data to identify fellow app users within a 250 metre radius – claiming users will never again miss out on connecting with people they briefly crossed paths with. 

Researchers asked 4,006 people of both sexes from Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and France about their views on summer loving and discovered that a whopping 94 percent of Spaniards are likely to embark on a summer romance closely followed by 91 percent of Italians.

But beware if you're about to get involved with a Spaniard while on holiday: the survey found that the majority of Spaniards believed having a holiday romance did not constitute cheating on their partner.

Younger people are more likely to be unfaithful than older Spaniards, while woman are more likely to be faithful than men: 48 percent compared to 42 percent.

While chat apps are an increasingly popular way for the more reserved British and French to meet people on holiday, Spaniards prefer chatting face to face in clubs, bars or on the beach. 

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