Parents lock child in hot car to hit Marbella shops

Police have arrested a couple who left their 12-year-old daughter locked in a car in the midday sun outside a Marbella shopping centre.

Parents lock child in hot car to hit Marbella shops
The girl was left with windows closed and door locked while her parents went shopping. Hallyn / Flickr

A passerby discovered the girl in a distressed state inside the car with the windows closed and the doors locked and called police.

Officers had to break a window to rescue the child, who was sweating profusely and suffering dehydration, according to a statement from the Policia National.

The parents arrived back at the car after a two and a half hour shopping spree to discover their daughter being taken away in an ambulance. And they were promptly arrested.

The pair are now facing charges of child neglect.

“Keep your head and be responsible,” warned a police message on twitter. “Parents arrested in Marbella for leaving their 12 year old daughter locked in a car in the sun for two hours, dehydrated.”

Police and animal charities regularly warn of the danger of leaving dogs locked in cars during the summer months.


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Nearly 50C: Southern Spain set to sizzle in historic heatwave 

Spain’s first heatwave of the year will start this weekend with temperatures expected to near 50C in Andalusia, according to meteorologists. 

Nearly 50C: Southern Spain set to sizzle in historic heatwave 
Photo: Jaime Reina/AFP

After a relatively mild June and a drop in temperatures in the northern half of the country on Tuesday and Wednesday, the customary calor of the summer is scheduled to land in most of Spain. 

Starting on Thursday July 8th, the mercury will start rising to reach the mid forties in parts of central and southern Spain by Saturday. 

By Sunday the whole southern half of Spain is expected to have to endure temperatures above 40C. 

The following map shared by French meteorologist Guillaume Séchet shows how the so-called ‘heat dome’ will mean temperatures of around 47C in Andalusian cities such as Seville, Huelva, Ecija and Jerez and in areas of the Castilla-La Mancha region.

This meteorological phenomenom is reported to have caused temperatures as high as 46C in Canada over the past days, reportedly leading to hundreds of deaths.

“It’s a desert heat — very dry and hot,” David Phillips, a senior climatologist for Environment Canada, told AFP.

“Canada is the second coldest country in the world and the snowiest,” he said. “We often see cold snaps and blizzards but not often do we talk about hot weather like this.”

Spain’s national weather agency AEMET recently warned that July, August and September this year will be hotter than average.

The highest temperature recorded in Spain was on July 13th 2017 in Montoro (Córdoba, Andalusia): 47.3 C. 

Yellow and orange alerts for temperatures above 30C have also been activated in Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Galicia, Murcia, the Basque Country, La Rioja, the Valencia region, the Canary Islands and Navarra for the upcoming weekend. 

But in Murcia, Andalusia and the Valencia region the temperatures on Tuesday are already in the high thirties. 

Fortunately, this scorching heatwave will not last too long, four days from Saturday to Tuesday.