Driver fined for biting fingernails at the wheel

Driver fined for biting fingernails at the wheel
A driver has been fined €80 for biting his fingernails. Photo: adaenn/Flickr
A driver in the Spanish city of Salamanca has been hit with an €80 ($90) fine for biting his fingernails while driving.

Spanish traffic can get on the nerves of the most patient of drivers, so it is not surprising it causes some to bite their fingernails.

But one Spanish driver was shocked recently to be hit with a fine for the seemingly innocuous bad habit.

The driver was stopped by traffic police in the central Spanish city of Salamanca and fined €80 ($90). 

The police report cites the reason for the fine as being that the driver “was not maintaining the required freedom of movement” and for “driving while biting fingernails”. 

The driver was stopped on June 7th at around 10.37am and according to local newspaper, La Gaceta de Salamanca, it is not the first such incident to befall drivers in the region of Castilla y Leon; just last month a driver was fined for unwrapping a piece of chewing gum at the wheel. 

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