Eggsellent! Giant tortilla fiesta is cracking day out

Eggsellent! Giant tortilla fiesta is cracking day out
Photo from the Fiestas de Galicia facebook page.
They had to break a few eggs to make this omelette - 6,000 to be precise. The townsfolk of Carcacía celebrated their annual fiesta by cooking up a giant tortilla and they had a cracking day out.

The town of 1,500 people in Spain’s northwestern region of Galicia shelled out three euros each for a portion as they celebrated the 25th edition of their annual giant tortilla fiesta on Sunday.

Requiring a crane to get the gigantic frying pan into place, the tortilla was made up of 1,400 kilos of potatoes, 350 litres of olive oil and seven kilos of salt to go along with the 6,000 eggs.

Cooked under the watchful eye of Jorge Verdeal, from nearby Pontevedra’s Carlos Oroza catering school, the final product weighed in at more than 1,500 kilograms with a diameter of over three meters and a thickness of some 15 centimeters.

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