I filmed in Catalonia, not Spain says Sean Penn

I filmed in Catalonia, not Spain says Sean Penn
Hollywood actor Sean Penn attending the premiere of Barcelona-shot film, The Gunman. Photo: AFP
Could famously political Hollywood heavyweight Sean Penn be the latest big name to throw his weight behind the Catalan independence movement?

The Hollywood actor differentiated Catalonia from Spain during an interview printed in Mexican newspaper La Mañana.

“Many people would say I didn’t work in Spain, but in Catalonia,” Penn corrected the journalist with a laugh, according to Spanish daily 20 minutos.

The Dead Man Walking actor shot his latest film, The Gunman, in Barcelona alongside Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

“I did spend a few days in Madrid but we didn’t shoot anything there,” Penn added.

The actor's comments provoked a strong reaction on social media, with many supporters of Catalan indepdence thanking Penn publicly:




The actor is no stranger to making controversial comments.

He visited Argentina in February 2012 where he met President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and made a statement on the long-running Falkland Island dispute which was taken as his giving support to Argentina’s claim on the islands, provoking a strong reaction in the British press.

He also famously defended the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, calling for the arrest of anyone who referred to Chavez as a “dictator”.

Clarification: (Added May 14th) It emerged that the original interview had run in El Pais' Semanal supplement before being reproduced in Mexico's La Mañana with a different headline.

The original quote from Penn as reported in El Pais read like this:  

“You just asked me what it was like to work in Spain when there’s plenty of people that would say I didn't work in Spain, I worked in Catalonia [laughs]. What I would say is this. I also spent a lot of great time in Madrid. We didn't shoot in Madrid but I love that city. And equally I love Barcelona. It's a great place to work and make a movie. As an American to go to that city I can easily say if I got offered a movie tomorrow that's where I want to go. I love shooting there, I love eating there, I love walking down to the beach, I love eating late at night, I love go to the Barrio Gotico. I loved it there.”

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