Ten best UNESCO world heritage sites in Spain

Ten best UNESCO world heritage sites in Spain
The Alhambra fortress in Granada. Photo: Bernjan/Flickr
As Benidorm mades a bid to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and earn a place alongside some of Spain's most celebrated destinations, we take a look at some of the country's best.

Spain is home to a staggering 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites, third in number only to Italy and China and now the tourist hotspot of Benidorm thinks it deserves a place on the list. 

But how does the Costa Blanca resort compare to Spain's other World Heritage sites?

There are Andalusian cities steeped in history and Moorish architecture such as Seville, Cordoba and Granada and natural beauty spots such as the rich wetlands of Donaña or the weird and wonderful moonscape of Tiede in Tenerife.

For those interested in more recent architecture the Catalan modernist works of Antoni Gaudi have won recognition by UNESCO, or stretching back into history, so too has the Roman-built lighthouse, which still stands proud on a rocky outcrop of Galicia.

For those with a fascination for the even more ancient, the Paleolithic rock art preserved at Altamira is also a World Heritage Site.

Or perhaps a stroll along the pilgrimage route of St James, another of Spain’s recognized gems.

Here are ten of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain 

Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands is on the World Heritage List. Photo: Rodrigo Sa/Flickr