Spaniards get clouded view of solar eclipse

Spaniards stepped outside on Friday morning to witness the first solar eclipse visible to the country in 10 years, managing to share some stunning pictures on social media as well.

Spaniards get clouded view of solar eclipse
The eclipse as seen from Granada on March 20th. Photo: Paco GonzalezN/Flickr Creative Commons
The eclipse could be seen in Spain roughly between 8.57am and 11.29am. The next time Europe will see such an event will be in 2026.
A Coruña, in the northwestern region of in Galicia, was expected to enjoy the best views of the eclipse and experenced 76 percent darkness.
The Madrid planetarium helped people safely view the eclipse with special glasses and equipment. Viewing an eclipse directly can damage your retinas. 
Some reported having trouble viewing the eclipse due to cloud cover, while others found the foggy veil helped them to see it.
See how the eclipse looked to our colleagues around Europe – people were following it in Sweden, in France, in Germany, while in Norway there was a total eclipse on the island of Svalbard.

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