Spanish clinic in Alzheimer breakthrough

Scientists in the small town of Bergondo in Galicia may have found a vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease, new research has shown.

Spanish clinic in Alzheimer breakthrough
Ramón Cacabelos, director of EuroEspes, which has created an experimental vaccine against Alzheimer's. Photo: EuroEspes

A vaccine developed by scientists at the EuroEspes Biomedical Research Centre in Bergondo has been proven to be effective against the disease.

An experiment performed on rats showed positive results and had no side effects, unlike previous trials of the vaccine. 

Alzheimer’s disease remains the number one cause of dementia worldwide and, as yet, there is no cure for the disease, which represents a "major unmet medical need" according to the authors of the study.

Published in BioMed Research International, the research highlighted the potential of the experimental vaccine because it did not produce the side effects that previous forms of the vaccine had been known to trigger.

The vaccine, known as EB101, was patented in 2010 in the United States but, when scientists tried to compare it with AN1792, a vaccine currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they discovered side effects that resulted in the analysis being dropped.

According to Spanish daily, 20 minutos, the EuroEspes vaccine is preventative and therapeutic and is designed to produce antibodies which destroy the beta-amyloid protein, which causes Alzheimer’s disease. 

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