Postcard from…Mark Zuckerberg

Postcard from…Mark Zuckerberg
Photo: Callahan/Barcelona postcard: Shutterstock
The CEO of Facebook was in Barcelona this week attending the Mobile World Congress. If he had written us a postcard it might have read something like this...

Hey guys, what's up?

There were some awesome sights at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and what a city to hold it in! Barcelona was incredible and guess what? I didn’t even have to wear my hoodie it was so warm.

I came to talk about my project to provide free web access to the world’s poorest people, cuz I just think it is so important for advertisers that everyone the world over gets a chance to log on to Facebook.

Despite all the cool tech on display there were other things on my mind, namely, ham. I had heard rumor of the melt in your mouth amazingness of Spanish jamón but it was truly beyond my wildest dreams. Certainly beat mom’s over-boiled Christmas ham hands down. I might get ham’s official ambassador to come to Silicon Valley and slice us up some of the good stuff so you can experience what I did. A little slice of porky heaven.

But enough about ham! Travelling to Barcelona also gave me the opportunity to meet one of my all time heroes, whose poster adorned my wall at Harvard. And I also met her husband, Gerard Piqué. Yes, Shakira and I had dinner together and it was epic. I know you guys are super jealous right now and let me tell ya, you should be! She was super friendly and even brushed my leg at one point, which made me a little embarrassed but, c’mon, who wouldn’t be!

As for those activists protesting against Facebook, I wish they’d just give us a break! One woman accused me of being all over her nipples, which I can assure you (and my wife) I was not. But I heard these Femen chicks show off their goods all the time, so that kind of made me feel less special.

Watching Madonna dressed as a matador at the Grammy’s made me really want to catch a bullfight, but then someone told me they were banned here in Barcelona, bummer! Guess I’ll just go chill with some ham instead, gotta load up before heading back Stateside.

Catch you later!


(As imagined by The Local)