Spanish village trapped by snow for a month

Spanish village trapped by snow for a month
“We’re desperate because we’re starting to run out of supplies," one resident said. Photo: Jose Luis Gomez Linares/Wikimedia
The twenty residents of a small village in Spain's northern Picos de Europa mountain range have been fully dependent on a helicopter flying in food to them since heavy snowfall cut them off from civilization 29 days ago.

“We’re desperate because we’re starting to run out of supplies for our people and our animals,” Santa Lopez, resident of Tresviso in Cantabria, told Spanish daily ABC.

Every time the villagers hear the sound of the helicopter approaching through the snow-packed mountains they breathe a sigh of relief.

“They’ve just come and brought us the basics: bread, fruit, milk, vegetables,” Lopez adds.

For the residents of Tresviso the isolation has taken them back to the time when the ‘walls of snow’ were a yearly occurrence.

“It’s the first time since we got our tarmac road 25 years ago that this has been so bad,” local farmer Feliciano Campo said.

“Back in the day, Tresviso was completely cut off during the winter.”

What’s made this January’s heavy snowfall in Picos de Europa all the more aggravating for the inhabitants of Tresviso is that their snowplough is stuck five kilometres away from the village.

Till the snow finally melts onthe only road that leads to Tresviso, the villagers will be trying their best to get on with daily life.

“Whatever hard work we have to do, it’s ten times as bad in the snow,” Campo concludes. 

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