Coca Cola boycott for Spanish parliament?

A Spanish politician has requested that the nation’s parliament stop all sales of Coca Cola until the company reinstates workers in a bottling plant in the capital.

Cayo Lara, head of the United Left party, has sent a letter to the president of Spain’s Congress of Deputies requesting that all sales of Coca Cola be stopped until the multinational complies with a Spanish court ruling, that the company should reinstate workers at the Fuenlabrada bottling plant in Madrid.

The parliament should not maintain "commercial relationships with companies or brands that do not comply with court rulings and violate the fundamental rights of workers and their representatives," Lara says in the letter, quoted in Spanish daily, 20 Minutos.

Over a year ago, Coca Cola announced the closure of the Madrid bottling plant, which would affect almost 2,000 workers, who were made redundant, reshuffled or accepted retirement.

Redundancies at the Madrid bottling plant saw protests in the capital, while unions took Coca Cola to court, with the eventual ruling that the multinational had to give everyone their jobs back.

Spanish courts ruled that the redundancies were illegal, as in Spain, other than for disciplinary reasons, companies are only allowed to fire staff if the company is facing financial difficulty or the job roles disappear. 

While it is currently unclear as to whether the parliament will ban the sale of Coca Cola, it is a clear sign that the furore over the bottling plant closure is far from quietening down. 

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