Fireball speeds across Catalan skies

Fireball speeds across Catalan skies
Photo of a meteor: File photo: Shutterstock
Stargazers were amazed to see a ball of light speeding across the sky over Catalonia on Tuesday night.

Some of those who saw the bright light took to social media to seek confirmation that they hadn´t imagined the sight.

One twitter user, @xavi_roca_tico asked: "Am I the only one to see a great ball of green and orange falling from the sky really quickly?"

Bòlid del dia 10 de febrer de 2015, a les 19:22 hora oficial from AstroGirona on Vimeo.

In fact the phenomenon was caught on camera by astronomer Josep Maria Petit Prats at the Astrogirona observatory in Sant Antoni de Calonge, Girona.

The ball of light, the origin of which is as yet unknown, appeared at 7.22pm and presented long flashes of very bright light, the observatory said.

The footage will be used as part of a worldwide investigation into meteorites.

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