King pays respects to late Saudi monarch

King pays respects to late Saudi monarch
Spain's King Felipe, pictured in December 2014, visited Saudi Arabia at the weekend. Photo: Dani Pozo/AFP
King Felipe travelled to Saudi Arabia at the weekend to pay tribute to the country's late king, Abdullah, who died on Friday. The Spanish king also met with Saudi Arabia's new monarch, Abdullah's brother, Salman.

King Abdullah, who was 90-years-old, died on Friday. He had ruled Saudi Arabia since 2005.

King Felipe was accompanied on the trip by Spanish Defence Minister, Pedro Morenés, who also attended the Saturday meeting with King Salman, which lasted “a few minutes” according to Spanish royal family sources quoted in Spanish daily 20 minutes.

The Spanish monarch also met with the heads of state of Jordan, Egypt, Ukraine, Holland, Sweden and France, who were also in Riyadh to pay their respects to the late king. 

King Felipe was met in Riyadh by the Spanish ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Joaquín Pérez Villanueva and the Governor of Riyadh, Turki bin Abdullah al-Saud. 

A US delegation, led by President Barack Obama will arrive in the country on Tuesday to pay their respects.