Galicia: homesick horse causes traffic chaos

Galicia: homesick horse causes traffic chaos
File photo of a horse: Shutterstock
A horse caused havoc along the roads of the Galician town of Carballo at the weekend, when the mare decided to escape its current home and make the dangerous journey back to its original owner.

An unusual sight greeted motorists driving through Carballo, in Galicia, on Saturday, when a horse took to the streets in an attempt to find her way back to its previous owner.

The daredevil horse, named Linda, galloped through red lights in the centre of the town, ignoring the cries of its current owner, who was running behind it, according to local newspaper, La Voz de Galicia.

The horse’s destination was her previous home, a farm about an hour outside of the town, where the mare had lived until the property was sold to a neighbour three months ago.

Onlookers alerted local police, who, along with the animal’s current owner, tried to stop the horse from causing an accident.

While neither police nor her current owner could stop Linda, the horse finally slowed down as it reached its previous home: the farm where it had grown up.

Police asked for documents to prove who was the rightful owner of Linda with local news sources reported that she is about to be sold for a third time. 

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