Number of Spanish strikes falls 25 percent

Number of Spanish strikes falls 25 percent
Coca Cola workers in Spain fight to keep their jobs in February 2014. Photo: Gerard Julien/AFP
There were a total of 959 strikes in Spain in 2014, down nearly a quarter on the number in 2013, new statistics reveal.

The number of hours lost to strikes in Spain in 2014 fell 40.1 percent to 9,190,180, the figures from the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations (CEOE) reveals.

Meanwhile, the total number of strikers was 328,256, or 43.6 percent less than a year earlier.

The sectors most affected by strikes in 2014 were transport and communications (132,816 hours lost), the health sector, with 72,912 hours lost, and the metalwork and hospitality industries.

Strike activity in public sector business or organizations was down 30.77 percent to 180, while the number of workers participating in such strikes was down 29.1 percent.