Jihadists hack Spanish home appliance website

Jihadists hack Spanish home appliance website
The incident may be related to the wave of cyberattacks that have targeted French companies Photo of hacker: Shutterstock
The website of the Catalan household appliance manufacturer Taurus was taken down by jihadist hackers from the Middle East on Wednesday who may have confused it with the Brazilian-US gunmaker of the same name.

Officers from Catalonia's Mossos police force are investigating the cyberattack which was apparently carried out by a jihadist group.

The hackers replaced the website with a screen displaying the message "Hacked by Middle Easy Cyber Attack" while Islamic prayers played in the background.

Local daily La Vanguardia quoted police sources who said that the attack could have been related to the recent spate of  cyberattacks  on thousands of  French companies.

Others involved with the case stated that the hackers may have confused the Catalan company with the Brazilian-US weapons manufacturer of the same name.

Taurus's website was still experiencing intermittent problems on Friday.