8 weird ways parliament spends your money

From telegram bills to tapestry touch-ups, the budget for the Spanish parliament is full of surprises once you scratch below the surface.

8 weird ways parliament spends your money
Did you need the Spanish parliament has a €3,000 budget for telegrams in 2015? Photo: AFP

The budget for Spain's parliament in 2015 is a whopping €84 million ($103 million) but where do all those hard-earned tax euros go?  

None of the information is available on Spain's new transparency website but documents obtained by the Spanish edition of the Huffington Post lift the lid on government spending.  

How much, for example, does the Spanish parliament spend on spiffy uniforms for its staff? 

What is the annual budget for language lessons?

And what exactly falls under the mysterious 'miscellaneous costs' category?

For the answer to all these questions — and many more that you never knew you needed an answer to — read on.

Eight odd ways Spain's parliament spend your money

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