Spain’s gold dust bread ‘world’s most pricey’

Loaves of bread cooked with gold dust are being sold for €117 ($145) each in southern Spain, with Arab, Russian and Chinese buyers the chief buyers of the luxury baked good.

Spain's gold dust bread 'world's most pricey'
Photo of baker: Shutterstock

Spain is the home of cheap breakfasts with a set menu comprised of toast, coffee and orange juice often coming in at least than €3.00,

But a baker in the village of Algatocín near the Andalusian town of Ronda is bucking the trend by selling what he has dubbed 'the most expensive bread in the world'.

The 400 gram (14 ounce) loaves made at the Pan Piña bakery contain whole wheat dough and spelt with dehydrated honey. The loaves also contain one key extra ingredient: 250 milligrams of gold dust with a value of €100.

Juan Manuel Moreno, a co-owner at the bakery told Spain's ABC newspaper he came up with the idea after seeing the 'world's most expensive coffee' on sale at another business in the region.

Moreno says Arab ,Russian and Chinese buyers based on the Costa de Sol have shown the most interest in the bread. However, a national supermarket chain is set to start selling the product while a restaurant in Ronda has expressed an interest.

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