IN PICS: Naked anti-fur demo hits Barcelona

Animal rights activists gathered in Barcelona on Sunday to bare their naked, blood-covered bodies in a protest against the killing of mammals to make fur coats.

IN PICS: Naked anti-fur demo hits Barcelona
Activists stage a naked protest covered in blood in Barcelona on Sunday to protest against the use of animal fur in the fur industry. Photo: Lluis Gene/AFP

Around 100 activists from the animal rights group AnimaNaturalis piled on top of each other in a naked protest on Sunday, while other activists doused them with fake blood.

The event happened in Barcelona’s downtown Plaza del Rey square, Spain’s Huffington Post reported.

The pile of 100 blood-covered naked activists symbolized the 100 animals it takes to make a fur coat.

"There are many alternative ways to dress without taking away the fur and the life of an animal", director of the organization in Spain, Aída Gascón, told Spanish newspaper La Vanguardía.

"If there was no demand for this clothing, the clothing would no longer exist".  

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