Boardgame cashes in on Spain’s corruption crisis

An industrial design student from Spain's Valencia region is hoping to reap rewards from the country's myriad corruption scandals with plans for a game called Corruptopolis.

Boardgame cashes in on Spain's corruption crisis
To progress in the corruption-based boardgame, players working in teams have to answer questions about high-profile scandals in Spain. Image: Marina Belda/YouTube

The game designed by 22-year-old Marina Belda sees players take on the roles of figures involved in some of Spain's most notorious corruption scandals with the objective being to reach the fictional city of Villa Corrupta.

To progress, players working in teams have to answer questions about high-profile scandals including the Gürtel kickbacks scheme and Galicia's massive Pokémon case.

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Belda says she was inspired to come up with the idea in the wake of corruption cases that appear "on an almost weekly basis" in the current political situation.

The young student is now hoping to raise money via crowdfunding on the Verkami website for the production of Corruptopolis. To date, she has raised over €1,300 ($1,600) of the €6,500 she needs.    

Her idea for the game comes at an opportune moment. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy recently apologized in the wake of revelations about two new corruption scandals in Spain. 

One of those scandals allegedly saw politicians and local officials take illegal payments in exchange for favours including the awarding of infrastructure contracts, while a second case involved top executives at two Spanish banks allegedly using 'secret' credit cards to make private payments

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