Mobsters who ate man go on trial in Spain

Four members of a notorious Serbian criminal gang known as Arkan's Tigers have gone on trial in Madrid for allegedly killing a colleague and eating his flesh.

Mobsters who ate man go on trial in Spain
Luka Bojovic was named by Interpol as one of the brains behind the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003. Photo: J. L. Pino/POOL/AFP

Police in the Spanish capital began to search for the murderers when in March of 2009 they found the body of the man in the city’s Manzanares River.

According to online daily 20 minutos, the victim’s flesh had been removed from his bones.

Four men were identified as possible culprits: Vladimir Milisavljevic, Vladimir Mijanovic, Sinisa Petric and Luka Bojovic, the latter being named by Interpol as one of the brains behind the murder of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003.

They told police they had hammered their partner to death in his Madrid home, cut some of his flesh off and eaten it before throwing the remains that didn’t fit down the toilet into the river.

At least three of the suspects are known to be former members of Arkan’s Tigers, a powerful militia force in the Yugoslav wars whose leader Željko Ražnatović was indicted by the UN for crimes against humanity.

After his murder in 2000, the paramilitary group came to be known as Zemun Clan, soon becoming one of the most notorious criminal organizations in Southeast Europe.

The suspects’ trial began at Madrid’s High Court on Monday, where they face charges for murder, forgery and possession of military weapons and munition.

If found guilty, they could be sentenced to up to 41 years in prison. 

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Gang trafficking Afghans to EU busted in Spain

Police in Spain have broken up a gang that smuggled Afghans into Europe for a fee of €23,000

Gang trafficking Afghans to EU busted in Spain
The gang operated out of Madrid. Photo: mwagner01 /

Police arrested 24 people in Spain and Britain in raids on a gang that made $4.25 million in six months from trafficking Afghan migrants to Europe, the Spanish government said Wednesday.

Officers in Spain arrested 13 people and British police seized a further 11 at London Heathrow airport, the Spanish police said in a statement.

They raided various properties and seized records that showed the gang made $4.25 million by trafficking 170 people between April and September last year.

“Most of the network's members were based in Afghanistan and gathered people who wanted to emigrate to Europe, charging them $25,000 (€23,000) each and transporting them using fake travel documents,” the statement said.

Gang members  are suspected of accompanying the migrants in groups of between six and 12 on flights from Islamabad in Pakistan.

From there they flew to transit points in Spain and Italy, then onward to various other European countries including Germany and Sweden.

Police investigated the network after catching a group of Afghans who were being trafficked via Bilbao airport in northern Spain.

They then tracked down the gang's leader, a Pakistani based in Madrid who had been running the network since 2012.

“He organised the logistics and reinvested the profits of the crimes in our country, using various businesses to launder the money,” the statement said.

Earlier this month Spanish police said they arrested 80 suspected gang members accused of charging Chinese migrants €20,000 each to traffick them to Britain, Ireland, Canada and the United States.