Man burgles home of dead friend

Man burgles home of dead friend
Photo of a man holding a gun: Shutterstock
Police in Zaragoza province have arrested a man who allegedly burgled the home of a friend just hours after he died in a horror car crash.

The 25-year-old was arrested on drug trafficking and burglary charges after he was found to be in possession of a large narcotics stash and stolen items including nine rifles, two machetes and a helicopter missile.

Police suspect the man stole the drugs and weapons from the home of a friend after he died when the car he was driving crashed into a ditch. Two others were also killed in the crash.

Several hours after that accident, officers were called to the home of the deceased driver to investigate a burglary.

After investigating possible criminal links between the suspect and the dead man, they arrested the 25-year-old seizing nearly half a kilogram of marijuana, as well as smaller amounts of crystal meth and the anaesthetic ketamine.

Along with the riles and machetes, they also found a revolver, twelve knives, three axes, three pocket knives, a baton and a laser pistol.

Police have now widened their investigation to look at other possible criminal activity carried out by the suspect, Spain's ABC newspaper reported.

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