Huge fireball flashes across Spanish sky

Meteorologists and stargazers on Sunday recorded the fiery disintegration of a mystery meteor in the skies above much of Spain.

The Spanish Meteor Network (SPMN) confirmed that a fireball of unknown origin was visible on Sunday morning from eight Spanish regions spanning the length of the country.

The meteor was registered with the identifying code SPMN070914 from a research station in Folgueroles.

Jessica Lleonart videoed the flash from the Catalan town of Sant Antoni de Calonge:

The official weather webcam of the Costa Brava town of Blanes in Catalonia snapped the fireball as it flew overhead and posted the image on Twitter:

Catalonia's state weather agency AEMET stated that a blazing meteor had been seen at 6.55am above Barcelona, leaving a glow and a trail of smoke as it disintegrated, according to the Spanish edition of the Huffington Post.

Fireballs are caused by meteors burning up as they enter Earth's atmosphere, often at speeds up to 73 km per second. Especially bright fireballs such as Sunday's are often called bolides.

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