Spain issues warning over ‘deadly’ tattoo kits

A top Spanish health agency is warning consumers against the use of contaminated tattoo kits imported into Spain from the US, saying they could pose a serious risk to health.

Spain issues warning over 'deadly' tattoo kits
Use of the contaminated kits could lead to sepsis, which can be life-threatening. Photo of woman getting a tattoo: Shutterstock

The kits produced by US firm White & Blue Lion, Inc could be contaminated at a microbiological level, the Spanish government's medical regulator Aemps have said in a statement.     

The warning comes after the US's Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) said the company had voluntarily taken the drugs off the market.

The agency warned use of the products could lead to infection and life-threatening sepsis.

The White & Blue Lion, Inc products in question are not licensed for use in Spain. But Aemps says the products could have been imported into Spain illegally and may be available on the black market. People may have also purchased them online.   

Customers who have used the tattoo kits and who are experiencing symptoms including high fever should see a doctor, the watchdog said.   

Full details of the dodgy products can be found on the FDA website.

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