Twelve things tourists do that annoy Spaniards

Spaniards are generally a pretty easygoing bunch, but even the most tolerant of locals can get frustrated with tourists in their country. Here The Local takes a look at 12 things tourists do that get on the Spaniards' nerves.

Twelve things tourists do that annoy Spaniards
Rule number one: Spain is NOT Mexico. Photo of a man in a sombrero: Shutterstock

Visitors to Spain generally come away with a positive image of both the country and its people.

Why wouldn't they? Spaniards are genuinely welcoming people and proud of everything their country has to offer to international visitors.

But — let's face it — tourism is not always pretty, and not every guest leaves such a good impression behind when they leave Spain.

From hard-drinking (and vomiting) youngsters to snap happy coach tourists, plenty of tourists test the patience of long-suffering locals.

Read on to see the Local's list of the top 12 things tourists do that annoy Spaniards.

What other things do tourists do that annoy Spaniards? Share your complaints in the comments section below.

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