Top 10 characters you’ll meet in Spain’s hostels

Spain's hostels are packed with weird and wacky characters. From the so-called 'brag packers' to the hen night weekenders, The Local's Cécilia Brès rounds up the best of the guests from her own experiences working at a Madrid hostel.

Top 10 characters you'll meet in Spain's hostels
Photo: Afik Berlin/Flickr

Working in a hostel in Madrid, I've gotten pretty good at guessing new guests' nationalities as they walk in, before they've even handed me their passports.

I've also learned how to pass on useful tips to travellers on where the closest bank, or cheapest supermarket, or nicest tapas place are.

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I've somehow turned into an expert matchmaker, passing on quickly-written notes from shy guests to ‘the cute Italian girl in dorm three’ or ‘the tall American guy from yesterday’s pub crawl.’   

But above all, I've seen all sorts of funny characters from impossibly laid-back Australians to groups of crazy northern European women in Spain for a hen night.

In this gallery, The Local looks at some of these classic backpackers’ stereotypes found in Spanish hostels

It’s hard to fit them them all into ten categories, but if you do any travel in Spain, you’re sure to meet some on the road.

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