Spanish migrants flock to Germany in 2013

A total of 44,119 people left Spain for Germany in 2013, 19 percent more than the previous year, stats from Germany's official stats body show.

Spanish migrants flock to Germany in 2013
Spain is the sixth country of origin from which new migrants to Germany arrived from in 2013. Photo of people at airport: Shutterstock

Spain came sixth in the table of countries supplying new immigrants to Germany  in 2013, behind Poland (197,000), Romania (135,416), Italy (60,651), Bulgaria (59,3239) and Hungary (58,993).

Out of the more than 44,000 people who left Spain for Europe’s most powerful economy last year, 36,511 were Spanish nationals and 7,608 were from other countries.

Destatis, Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, made no mention of why the 1.2 million people who arrived on their shores in 2013 had chosen German over other countries.

Those who came from Spain represented 3.6 percent of the total.

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With youth unemployment currently standing at a crippling 53.9 percent (March 2014 stats for under 25s), more and more young Spaniards are leaving for countries with better work prospects or with the goal of adding another language to their CVs.

In 2013, 51,000 Spaniards, most under the age of 34, signed up to the UK’s national insurance scheme.

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