Spain: One vacancy for every 110 jobseekers

Spain: One vacancy for every 110 jobseekers
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Spain had only one job opening for every 110 unemployed people in the final three months of 2013, the second worst rate in the European Union, a new study released on Wednesday shows.

Before Spain's economic crisis kicked off in 2007, this rate was one job opening for every 17.5 jobseekers, the latest labour market bulletin by job agency Asempleo and financial consultants Afi shows.

Only Cyprus had a worse ratio: there the ratio was one job per 154 people searching for work.

The lack of job openings in Spain — where the official unemployment rate is 25.93 percent — is also in stark contrast with the EU average for the final quarter of of 2013. That figure was 12.3 unemployed people for each job on offer. 

The worst affected sectors in Spain are arts and entertainment, where there is only job for every 192 jobseekers, and construction, where the number is 149.7. 

Faring better is the health and social services sector with 16.7 unemployed people per job, and the professional, scientific and technical fields (20.3 people per job opening).  

The report by Asempleo and Afi also measures Spain against the "dynamic and effcient" German and UK labour markets with unemployment rates of 5 and 7 percent, and ratios of unemployed people per job of just over 2 and 4, respectively.

But it's not all bad news for Spain. The ratio of unemployment people to job openings shrank by 17 percent from the final three months of 2012 and the same period a year later.

This was partly because of a 19 percent rise in the number of new jobs in those 12 months, the report's authors stated.

They also said that if current job growth trends continue some 300,000 people in Spain could find work in the second half of 2014.

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