Mum confesses to killing of Spanish politician

A 59-year-old mother has confessed to firing the bullets that killed Spanish politician Isabel Carrasco, shot down in the city of León on Monday, saying she did it because of a "personal grudge".

Mum confesses to killing of Spanish politician
Police officers search for a gun and bullet cartridges in a river under the bridge where Leon provincial council chief Isabel Carrasco was killed in León on Monday. Photo: Cesar Manso/Manso

María Montserrat G. F told police investigators she killed Carrasco because of the way her 35-year-old daughter had been treated.

Her daughter, also being held in custody over the murder, was fired in 2011 from the provincial government headed up by ruling Popular Party politician Carrasco, and had been locked in a wage dispute with the regional authority since that time.

The confession comes despite earlier declarations by the pair that they had played no part in the crime.

Police believe the murder was planned and that the mother and daughter pair had lain in wait near the politician's house on several occasions, according to El País newspaper.

The crime was committed on Monday because Carrasco had been walking alone, but could have taken place on another day, police said.

The role of the daughter in the crime is yet to be determined, as is that played by her friend and police officer who handed in the murder weapon some 24 hours after the crime.

Monday's killing has shocked Spain, with Prime Minister Marian Rajoy decrying it as a "wretched crime".

Mourning relatives wept outside a public building where Carrasco's body lay in state, attended by Rajoy and other leading politicians, while thousands of people filed past the politican's casket to pay their final respects.

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Spanish court approves extradition of UK murder suspect

A court in Spain has approved the extradition of one of Britain's most wanted fugitives, sought for his suspected role in the murder of a teenager in 2015.

Spanish court approves extradition of UK murder suspect

The decision will now go before the country’s cabinet for approval.

Spanish police arrested David Ungi in May in the town of Coin near the southern resort of Marbella on May 5th as he signed up at a gym at a shopping centre.

British police believe Ungi, 30, was involved in the fatal shooting in 2015 in Liverpool of 18-year-old Vinny Waddington.

Ungi, who left Britain less than 24 hours after Waddington was killed, is also wanted by the British authorities for alleged heroin trafficking.

Spanish police carried out the operation to arrest Ungi in cooperation with Britain’s National Crime Agency, which had put Ungi on its most-wanted list.

The Spanish coast has long been a popular bolthole for British criminals fleeing the law, because they can blend easily into the thriving expatriate communities.

There are about 290,000 British nationals officially registered as living in Spain, making them the fourth-largest foreign population in the country, according to national statistics institute INE.