Official quits over remark on politician’s murder

A Spanish politician has resigned after she wrote "you reap what you sow" on her Facebook page when referring to Isabel Carrasco, the prominent ruling party politician shot dead in León on Monday.

Official quits over remark on politician's murder
Isabel Carrasco, 59, was pronounced dead at 5.20pm after being shot several times while walking home. Photo: Felix Merino/AFP

Socialist politician Susana Camiño, a town councillor for Vilagarcía de Arousa in Galicia (north-west Spain), will officially announce her resignation on Tuesday after been asked to do so by her party colleagues.

Soon after hearing about the murder of León’s provincial president Isabel Carrasco on Monday, she wrote the following on her Facebook profile:

“I don’t want to comment but you reap what you sow”

According to Spanish news agency EFE, she soon realized the repercussions the remark was having, first editing it and then deleting it just an hour after initially posting it.

Camiño has been widely criticized on Twitter and in the comment fields of many online Spanish newspapers,  although some readers have acknowledged that some Spaniards share her views.

Spaniards were rocked by the news of Isabel Carrasco’s murder on Monday at the hands of what initial reports suggest are a mother and daughter who knew her personally.

El Mundo quoted sources from inside the Popular Party as saying the daughter had recently lost a labour dispute with the provincial council and had to pay back salary earned.

Isabel Carrasco, 59, was pronounced dead at 5.20pm on Monday after being shot several times while walking home.

"Despite her small size, her very strong character and the way she took the reins of power caused her to be known as the 'super-delegate'," wrote local daily El Diario de León.

"It was precisely this character and the power she accumulated that earned her numerous political rivals."

Her career was described as "intense" and "often controversial" by El Pais.

The funeral will be held at 6.30 pm in León Cathedral.

Spain’s political parties have cancelled all their political engagements on Tuesday. 

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