Train company’s illiterate tweet goes viral

A reply sent out by Spain's state rail network Renfe to a Twitter user with serious spelling difficulties has turned into a trending topic on the social media platform.

Train company's illiterate tweet goes viral
With nearly 46,000 followers, Renfe's Twitter team reply to commuters' complaints and suggestions. Photo: Leo Hidaldo

Renfe’s community manager received a nonsensical tweet by somebody asking him if they were going to build a railway line between two kingdoms in Game of Thrones, the popular HBO TV series.

Packed full of spelling mistakes, an approximate translation would be “ALR8 m8, wen u gona build da qing’s Meeren-Desenvrago traine? Itz 4 a frend.”

Rather than just ignore the message, Renfe staff took it upon themselves to send a reply in the same vein: poorly written gibberish.

“Da stait build da trainz, Renfe only putz dem on da trax, big up 2 ur m8.”

Spain’s Twittersphere found the reply by the official body so unexpectedly funny that so far it has been retweeted 4,000 times.

Renfe’s community manager came under fire earlier in April for tweeting the F word to someone who had initially reprimanded the company with the same bad language.

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