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Top Ten: Spain’s most expensive streets

Top Ten: Spain's most expensive streets
Spain's most expensive street is not in Madrid or Barcelona. Photo: FDV/Wikimedia
Spanish property website Idealista has just released a list of the ten most expensive streets in Spain — so what is the most exclusive address in the country? Read on to find out.

Even when it comes to the classic property board game Monopoly, Spain is a nation divided.

There are actually two versions of the Parker Brothers game for the country— one for Madrid and one for Barcelona.

Click here to go straight to the virtual gallery of Spain's most expensive streets.

The most expensive street in the Madrid edition is the Paseo de Prado, the long leafy boulevard that is home to several world famous museums. In Barcelona, meanwhile, the iconic Passeig de Gràcia featuring two houses by Anton Guadí is home to the priciest real estate.

But neither of these grand streets has made it onto the new Idealista list of the top ten streets in Spain.

In fact, neither the Spanish capital nor the Catalan capital can boast of having the country's most expensive street.

That honour goes to the Paseo de Miraconcha in the Basque city of San Sebastian. With its view of the stunning La Concha beach, real estate in the street will set you back a cool €9,453 ($13,070) a square metre.

This means an average 60m2 (646 square foot) apartment would cost €645,835. 

Further down the list the prices start to drop, but not exactly dramatically.

Madrid has five streets in the top ten, Barcelona can boast of three and Bilbao and helps prop up the list.

To find out more, take the Local's virtual tour of the top ten most expensive streets in Spain. 

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