Sex and drugs equals no rock ‘n’ roll: expert

Sex and drugs equals no rock 'n' roll: expert
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Forget the myth that illicit substances heighten sexual experiences, says a leading Spanish psychologist in the field of sexology. Here are the real effects that different drugs have on our libido.

“It’s widely believed that people who consume drugs are more likely to respond positively to sexual stimulation,” Francisco del Río, senior psychologist at Andalusia’s Sexology and Psychology Institute says.

“We’ve found it not to be the case, drug users are more erotophobic than those who are clean, they reject sex more often.”


Together with his team, del Río has carried out a study on the relationship between drugs and sexuality, with the help of 1,504 drug users and 211 people who aren’t.

The institute’s findings show that apart from a higher rejection of sexual stimuli, drug addicts also tend to be very anxious, a common problem for people seeking sexual health advice.

Sex is an integral part of being human, del Río states, which in turn explains why physical relationships with partners are harmed by the lack of communication, trust and intimacy common when a person is a drug user.

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