A to Z of The Local’s picture galleries

From food to fiestas, The Local has covered a great deal of Spain-related topics in its first year of picture galleries. Here is an easily accessible breakdown of our lists which doubles up as a crash course in everything Spanish.

A to Z of The Local's picture galleries


Señor X: The Spanish Banksy

Spanish Oscar secrets

Beautiful People

Manuel Rico: Spanish gynecologist crowned world’s hottest

Spanish athletes pose for sexy calendar

Top Ten: Spain’s most beautiful actresses

Top Ten: Spain’s sexiest sportsmen

The Dummies Guide to Spanish celebrities

Top Ten: Spain's hottest male celebrities

Top memes: Ronaldo celebrates Champions League victory 


Eight amazing facts about Christmas in Spain

European Beer Map Index

Guide to Spain’s urban tribes

Nine amazing women who have shaped Spain

Spain’s top celebrity lookalikes unveiled

Top Ten Christmas crappers 2013

Top Ten: Great books about Spain

Top ten myths about Spain

Ten TV shows Spain should have

Top ways to spice up your Spanish life in 2014

What Google says about Spain and Spaniards

Spain's most expensive addresses

The Dummies Guide to Spanish texting

Gay Pride: High heels race

Spain's best Eurovision moments 2014

Top ten: Spanish covers of English songs




Dos and Don’t for dating a Spanish woman

Dos and Don’ts for dating Spanish men

Top ten Spanish love expressions

Top ten expat complaints about their Spanish partners

Top 10:Spanish romantic nicknames

Ten Spanish sex expressions


Top 10 signs you’ve gone native in Spain

What kind of Spain expat are you?

Where are Spain’s biggest expat enclaves?

Ton ten expat complaints on Twitter

Ten very Spanish jobs 


Cristiano Ronaldo: Fashion icon or fashion victim?

Leibovitz and her fashionable leading ladies

Madrid Fashion Week in pictures

Red card: Six best memes mocking Messi’s suit

Spain's ugliest ever football kits


Badly translated Spanish menus

Tasty Spain: top regional food and drink

Tasty Spain: top regional food and drink (Part 2)

Weirdest Spanish dishes ever

Spain's top ten drinks: the ultimate guide


How to sound cool in Spanish

Ten beastly Spanish expressions

Ten best movie quotes in Spanish

Ten Catalan expressions you need to know

Ten great words English ‘stole’ from Spanish

Ten Spanish mistakes even Spaniards make

Ten things Spaniards hate about the English language

Top funny rude expressions in Spanish

Top ten ‘English’ words invented by the Spanish

Top ten funniest Spanish-English false friends

Top ten Spanish words English needs

Top ten 'English' words made in Spain – Part two

How NOT to learn Spanish: ten celebrity videos

How to get angry in Spanish: 8 great phrases

Ten more English words invented by Spaniards

The Royal family

King Felipe VI of Spain begins a new reign

King Felipe of Spain: his life in picture

Monarchy mania hits Spain's capital

Spain's future Queen Letizia: Top ten looks

Top ten memes: King's abdication

In pictures: the reign of King Juan Carlos


Barcelona versus Madrid: the great city face-off

How not to blow your cover as a guiri

How to stay cool through the Spanish summer

Spain’s tackiest souvenirs: The best and the worst

Ten things you didn’t know about Gibraltar

Top 10: Spain’s best Valentines Day getaways

Top 15: Spain’s most beautiful villages

Top ten offbeat Spanish Easter destinations

Top ten: Spain’s best beaches 2013

Top ten things that shock Spaniards in the UK

Top ten ways to spend a weekend in Bilbao

Spain's best restaurants 2014

Top ten:Spain's coolest hotels 2014

Spain's best beaches 2014

Top ten characters you'll meet in Spain's hostels 

Spain's seven natural wonders 2014

Spain's top ten natural pools

Twelve ways tourists annoy Spaniards

Top ten: Spanish tourist traps you should avoid

Top ten: Spanish tourists stereotypes 


Horses leap bonfires in controversial festival

In Pictures: Spain’s crazy flour-throwing fiesta

Spain’s Tomatina festival 2013: Top photos

Spain’s weirdest Carnival celebrations

Ten great summer music festivals in Spain

Top ten crazy Spanish Festivals

Top ten images: running of the bulls 2013

Top ten Spanish Halloween costumes

Top politically incorrect Carnival costumes

Spain's Rapa Das Bestas festival

Top ten: Summer music festivals in Spain 2014

In pictures: Spain's baby jumping festival

Top pics from Spain's San Fermin festival 2014

In pictures: Spain's festival of fire

Seville's April Fair 2014

Top pics: Spain's Holy week 2014

Seven surprising facts about Spain's Holy week

Valencia goes up in flames for Las Fallas

Other Great Stuff

Geography quiz: Think you know your Spain?

Spain’s freakiest deaths: Friday 13th special

Spain’s most disgusting place names

Spain’s Top 7 Stunning Science Photos of 2014

Top ten ghastly gaffes by Spanish politicians

Top ten: Great Spanish moustaches

Top ten Spanish inventions

Top Ten: Spain’s craziest building falls

Top Ten: Unfortunate brand names in Spanish

Top ten: weird Spanish drug busts

Ten great Game of Thrones locations in Spain

Spain's ten best and worst World Cup moments

In pictures: Barcelona squat demo turns violent

Top ten Spain's strangest laws

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