Spain’s weirdest Carnival celebrations

Thought Carnival in Spain only involved dressing up and drinking in the streets? Think again. The Local has found some of the strangest and, in some cases, downright scary traditions seen in Carnivals across the country.

Spain's weirdest Carnival celebrations
Fancy reliving some childhood nightmares? Head to the village of Piasca in Cantabria this Carnival. Photo: Cesar Manso/AFP

Rio may have the rep, Venice might have the glamour, but Spain has the variety.

Carnival is essentially a fiesta where people let go of their inhibitions and celebrate, and who does that better than Spaniards?

But behind all the fiesta and furore in Spanish Carnivals lies a depth of tradition and superstition that intrigues and fascinates.

From mud battles to monsters, here is The Local List of Spain's weirdest Carnival celebrations.

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