Top politically incorrect Carnival costumes 2014

With Spain's crazy carnival period already upon us, The Local has put together a list of politically questionable costumes that are bound to get people's tongues wagging.

Top politically incorrect Carnival costumes 2014
Dressing up as a member of the Catholic Clergy is always a great fallback for Carnival. File photo: José Luis Roca/AFP

Carnival (or Carnaval) is one of Spain's great festivals. It's a time to let your hair down, and get ready to kiss the winter goodbye.

But the traditional pre-Lent bash is also a chance for people to take aim at sacred cows including corrupt politicians, misbehaving celebrities and embattled royals.

At the great Carnival of Cadiz, this criticism takes the form of songs by chirigotas, or choirs, about local events during the previous year.

And one of the most important ways to engage in this mockery is choosing the right costume.

In this week's list, The Local provides ideas for some great politically incorrect costumes for Carnival 2014. 

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