Prank photo puts Spain’s ‘rudest’ town on map

Prank photo puts Spain's 'rudest' town on map
"We meant to return the sign the day after the wedding". Photo: Facebook
A group of friends who stole a road sign from the Spanish village of Villapene, or 'Penisville', and then used it as a prop in a joke wedding photo have apologized and returned it to disgruntled locals.

The theft came to light after a group of young people in the village in Spain's Galicia region tried to find out why road signs for their village kept disappearing.

That search took them to a Facebook profile showing a group of people huddled around a missing sign at a wedding.

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The picture became an instant hit on Facebook and other social media after the story of the theft was published in the local daily La Voz de Galicia.

The newly-weds in question have since apologized for their friends’ prank, with the groom explaining the photo was meant as a joke as he is originally from Villapene.

"They (my friends) meant to return it the day after the wedding but they either forgot or were just too lazy they never did," the groom told La Voz de Galicia.

"There was no real malice but I’m sorry to the people of Villapene for all the hassle."

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