VIDEO: What pregnant Spaniards miss most

Spanish women crave one food above all others when they're pregnant. A new advertising campaign is hoping to cash in on this by offering new mothers their baby's weight in that product.

VIDEO: What pregnant Spaniards miss most
Global marketing giant McCann has used asurprising fact as the hook for this advertising campaign. Photo: Monste PB

What food do most Spanish women miss during pregnancy? The answer isn't chocolate or red wine.

Global advertising agency McCann claims it is in fact jamón serrano, Spain's ever-popular cured ham.

The global marketing giant has used this surprising fact as the hook for the advertising campaign it has carried out for Navidul, a food company which specializes in cold meats.

Their Christmas ad "With a ham under the arm" pays an emotional tribute to new mums by rewarding them with, well, sliced ham.

Their campaign, which they've called “the best present in the world (after your baby)” sees mothers being given the equivalent of their new-borns’ weight in packaged jamón serrano.

For those of you wondering why Spain’s most precious cold meat is deemed a guilty pleasure by pregnant Spanish women, the reason is actually medical.

Doctors advise pregnant women to stay away from raw foods that may cause toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease found in most warm-blooded animals.

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