In Pictures: Spain’s crazy flour-throwing fiesta

In Pictures: Spain's crazy flour-throwing fiesta
Every December 28th, a battle of eggs, flour and firecrackers is waged between two sides in the Valencian town of Ibi. Photo: Jaime Reina/AFP
The eastern Spanish town of Ibi held its annual Enfarinats festival on Saturday, a colourful and messy fiesta which sees revellers launch eggs, flour and firecrackers at each other in a mock coup d’etat.

The 200-year-old festival coincides with El Día de los Inocentes, Innocents' Day in English, Spain's version of April Fool’s.

Under the slogan of 'New Justice', a group of married men take siege of the Valencian town and impose a series of ridiculous laws on residents.

Those who don't abide by the new laws set by the Enfarinats, the 'Flour Police', are given unofficial fines.

A battle of eggs, flour and firecrackers is then waged between the Enfarinats and La Oposició, another 'army' which tries to restore order in Ibi.

At the end of the day, all the money collected from the 'fines' is donated to charitable causes in the town. 

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