Top Ten: Spaniards who shaped the news in 2013

With 2014 just around the corner, The Local takes a look at ten key figures who have shaped the news in Spain over a dramatic 12 months.

Top Ten: Spaniards who shaped the news in 2013
How did these people help shape Spain's news in 2013? Photo: Imagenenaccion/Dovidena/Flickr/Javier Soriano/AFP

It's been a busy year for Spain and choosing just ten people who helped shaped events in the country hasn't been easy.

We've left out Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his counterpart on the other side of the fence Alfredo Peréz Rubalcaba. Catalonia's omnipresent President Artur Mas hasn't made the cut either.

You won't find tennis star Rafal Nadal either, or filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.

But The Local did find space for an evictions activist, an award-winning journalist and the woman 'that lost Madrid the Olympics', among others.

Read on to find out who else made the list of Spain's ten Spaniards who made the news in 2013.

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