Emergency landing in Madrid for NYC flight

Passengers on board a Delta Airlines plane at Madrid's Barajas airport were given a fright on Thursday morning after technical problems forced the aircraft's pilots to carry out an emergency landing minutes after take-off.

Emergency landing in Madrid for NYC flight
Photo: Twitter

According to a tweet by Madrid's air traffic controllers, a hydraulic problem is thought to be at the root of the problem.

Spanish news agency EFE have quoted airport sources as saying that a punctured tyre during take-off was the primary cause of the emergency landing.

Upon return to Barajas, "one of the landing gears wasn’t working properly, which caused a small fire that was quickly put out by firemen," EFE added.

Although the Delta aircraft skidded off the landing strip, none of the passengers on board were hurt.

Barajas Airport is experiencing some delays while airport staff inspect the landing strip for plane debris.

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‘Plane plunged from the sky like at a fairground attraction’: 14 injured as turbulence hits Madrid flight

Fourteen people were lightly injured when a flight operated by Spanish charter airline Evelop from Mauritius to Madrid hit severe turbulence, the company said Wednesday.

'Plane plunged from the sky like at a fairground attraction': 14 injured as turbulence hits Madrid flight

The Airbus 330 aircraft landed safely at Madrid airport on Tuesday night after suffering a 15-second episode of clear air turbulence which caused the plane to drop 100 metres (328 feet), Evelop said in a statement.

Fourteen people suffered light bruises and were taken to local hospitals for treatment, it added. They were all discharged on the same day.

Three flight attendants were among the injured, an Evelop spokesman said.   

One passenger, who gave only her first name, Mar, told news radio Cadena Ser that the plane “plunged like when you are at a fairground attraction.”   

“We saw many passengers fly literally over the seats, some hit the ceiling, others the seats beside them,” she added.   

The airline said the seat belt warning activated before the plane flew into the turbulence zone.

Clear air turbulence is turbulence that occurs in otherwise calm, clear blue skies, without any visual indication such as clouds.   

Evelop, which is based in Spain's Balearic Islands, operates short and long haul flights out of Spain and Portugal on behalf of tour operators.

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