‘Barcelona will be under water in 5,000 years’

'Barcelona will be under water in 5,000 years'
Photo: Screenshot of National Geographic's interactive map showing how Europe will look in 5000 years if all the Artic ice caps melt.
A study by National Geographic has warned that the Catalan capital and numerous other parts of Spain will cease to exist if CO2 emissions continue to melt the Arctic ice caps.

Under the title "If all the ice melted", the natural science publication has forewarned readers of what the world will look like in five millennia if current pollution trends continue.

Their interactive map shows how coastal locations worldwide will bear the brunt of our wrongdoings.

Key cities like London, Venice, Amsterdam, Miami, Copenhagen and New York will become futuristic versions of Atlantis.

Huge parts of Germany, China, Brazil and Australia will be under water.

Bangladesh, a country now inhabited by 154 million people, would disappear altogether.

As for Spain, the areas worst affected by the potential 65-metre (216 feet) sea rise are the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca, where cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante lie.

Half of the Balearic Islands, including Majorca, would be flooded over.

The coast of Cádiz would also be greatly affected and the port city which goes by the same name and also Huelva would be a distant memory.

Even Gibraltarians would have to climb on to their ‘rock’ to save themselves from rising sea levels.

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