Top ten spooky Spanish Halloween costumes

Still madly trying to come up with an idea for a Halloween costume? Why not try one of The Local's Spanish-themed outfits? Each one is scarier than the last and all are destined to send a shiver down even the bravest of spines.

Top ten spooky Spanish Halloween costumes
The faun from the film Pan's Labyrinth makes a great Halloween costume, especially if you have a pair of ram's horns lying around. Photo: Warner Brothers

Halloween is growing in popularity in Spain every year.

The shops of Spain are starting to fill up with jack o' lanterns and kids are going trick-or-treating as well.

In short, being in Spain is no excuse anymore. If you are here, you should be dressing up in a scary costume and hitting the streets.

But it's not all about zombies, vampires and ghosts.

Spain has its own chamber of horrors from crazy queens to bloodthirsty conquistadors, and that's just for starters.

Check out The Local's ten great spooky Spanish Halloween costume ideas.

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