‘We want Lady Gaga in our headphone dress’

'We want Lady Gaga in our headphone dress'
Lady Gaga at the recent 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York. File photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America/AFP
Two Madrid-based artists are on a mission: they want to convince Lady Gaga to wear a dress they have created out of hundreds of pairs of headphones donated by Spain's national railway company.

Raquel Moreno and Mónica Gutiérrez are rubbish artists.

Members of the art collectives Basurama and entupunto they take the discarded items of everyday life and create something new.

Their latest project — and their first collaboration — is a dress with a difference. 

Made out of the disposal headphones which passengers are given on Spain's trains, the 2.7 kilogram (6 pound) garment is unique.     

"The dress is part work of art and part musical instrument," Gutiérrez told The Local.

"It contains 235 individually functioning sets of headphones, all of which can plugged into an MP3 player."

The dress took 37 hours to make.

Gutiérrez and Moreno came up with the idea after Spain's national railway company Renfe donated around a million discarded sets of headphones to an art workshop. 

"When we saw all those headphones and starting thinking about creating a dress, we knew who we wanted to wear it — Lady Gaga.

"She's such a fashion icon, and the connection between headphones and music and her just seemed obvious."

The two artists researched Lady Gaga's measurements on line and then spent 37 hours assembling the garment made out of 535.8 metres (1,765 feet) of tangled cable.

The final product is "a statement about consumerism and our disposal culture," Gutiérrez explained to The Local.  

"When we saw the amount of headphones that Renfe gave us, we were shocked.

"They only have an average life span of 2 or 3 hours, which is the length of a single journey, and then they are thrown away."

She and her partner are now "certain" they can get Lady Gaga to don the figure-hugging artwork, and have launched a campaign to make this happen.

"It'll be our gift," said Gutiérrez. "We don't want any many money for this."

A detail of the headphone dress the artists are hoping Lady Gaga will wear.

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