Cristiano Ronaldo: style icon or fashion victim?

Cristiano Ronaldo officially became the world’s best paid footballer on Monday, with his glasses earning him nearly as much attention as his pay packet. To celebrate, The Local has put together this gallery of the star's best and worst looks.

Cristiano Ronaldo: style icon or fashion victim?
Ronaldo's choice of eyewear caused a senation when he signed his new contract on Monday. Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP

No one knows quite what Ronaldo's new salary is. Read Madrid is keeping mum, and the Spanish press is reporting everything from €17 million ($23 million) to €21 million a year up to 2018.

Whatever the actual figure may be, though, there is no doubt the Portuguese star will be able to go clothes shopping to his heart's content.

Check out The Local's gallery of Ronaldo's top fashion hits and misses.

But it wasn't just the size of Ronaldo's pay packet that had people talking on Monday.

There was also the issue of the 28-year-old's rather elegant but completely unnecessary black-rimmed glasses — just the latest instalment in the Real Madrid's forwards fashion story. 

Indeed, whether its his pineapple hairstyles or his own line of underwear, Ronaldo is rarely out of the fashion press.

But is the star a fashion icon or a fashion victim?

Check out The Local's gallery of Cristiano Ronaldo's looks and make up your own mind.

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