Dog torturer faces jail over mass abuse

Spain's Civil Guard are taking a man to court after they found 48 dogs crammed into a 5 metre (16 foot) by 3 metre cage on his property.

Dog torturer faces jail over mass abuse
The dogs were tied up on very short leashes in an area without ventilation. Photo: Guardia Civil

The 64-year-old will face animal cruelty charges after the dogs were found tied up with ropes or chains just 30 centimetres (11 inches) long.

The dogs — mostly greyhounds and Portuguese Podengos — were discovered by the environmental squad of Spain's Civil Guard police force in Font D'en Carrós in Spain's Valencia region.

They were being housed in terrible conditions, without ventilation and in high temperatures and humidity.

Most were suffering illnesses resulting from abuse and lack of care, and some were seriously unwell, a veterinary report concluded.

The man should face "48 counts of animal abuse and not one", sources from one of the shelters that took the dogs in after the abuse was discovered told Spanish daily 20 minutos.

The man will now appear in court in Valencia and faces jail time of up to one year or a fine of up to €18,000 ($24,000).   

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