‘You’re too ugly to visit Spain anyway’

'You're too ugly to visit Spain anyway'
“Their abuse shows they have no argument as they can only resort to the lowest form of language,” said the MEP following the barrage of insults she has received. Photo: YouTube
A member of the European Parliament has received a barrage of online abuse by Twitter trolls after she publicly encouraged British families not to go on holiday to Spain following the latest Gibraltar dispute.

Conservative MEP Julie Girling has been subjected to a string of insults sent to her Twitter profile and email account since she suggested a boycott on Spain by British families planning their holidays.

“You are a nazi Julie Goering,” read one tweet, in reference to Hitler’s right-hand man Hermann Göring.

“You're too ugly to visit Spain anyway,” another annoyed Twitter user posted on the MEP for South West England and Gibraltar’s wall.

The 56-year-old has responded to the insults by saying: “It may be that to be trolled goes with the job. However, the Spanish Twitter trolls aren't doing their argument any favours by trolling me.

“Their abuse shows they have no argument as they can only resort to the lowest form of language.”

“The people of Gibraltar need our support. They will not be bullied by the Spanish Government or by a minority of the Spanish people. Neither will I.”

Girling also sent out a tweet to thank all the support she has received from Catalonia.

“I encourage my constituents to take their hols with you!” she wrote.

Catalonia's Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) party also sent a letter of support to Gibraltar's Chief Minister on Tuesday in the wake of the territory's row with Spain.

Tensions between Spain and its diminutive neighbour have mounted in recent weeks after Gibraltar created an artificial reef which the Spanish government says will destroy fishing in the area.

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