Spain’s fake James Bond offers jobs for sex

A Valencia man who posed as a secret agent managed to convince his budding recruits they could join the service in return for sexual favours, money and jewellery.

Spain's fake James Bond offers jobs for sex
The fake undercover cop promise his female trainees a monthly salary of €1,900 if they passed his gruelling training. Photo:Gerlos/Flickr

The fake secret agent would show his female “trainees” military footage, a vast array of electronic gadgets and numerous weapons as a way of convincing them he was who he claimed to be.

Once he’d gained their trust, the fake undercover cop talked the women through the different stages of training.

These included supplying him with as much gold as possible and, last but not least, performing sexual acts with him.

The 56-year-old man made sure the women took the “top secret” approach to guarantee they didn’t speak up about the gruelling training.

After all, if they passed, they would be on a €1,900 monthly salary, he told them.

Police investigations began last July when officers were informed of the existence of a man posing as a secret agent.

Spain’s Civil Guard arrested the man and a 45-year-old woman who has his aide, Spanish news agency EFE reported on Wednesday.

Both suspects have been charged with impersonating a police officer, fraud, attempted sexual assault and blackmail.

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Madrid goes bonkers for waffle willies

There is a new food craze in Madrid’s Chueca. It’s sweet, it’s sticky and it’s shaped like a giant penis.

Madrid goes bonkers for waffle willies
The waffles come with differed toppings but white chocolate is the most popular. Photo: La Polleria /Instagram

La Polleria opened just a week ago in Calle Barbieri and already it has people queuing out the door for a taste of its unique product.

Pedro Bauerbaum, the man behind the waffle shop said he is simply astounded at its success.

“It’s totally taken me by surprise,” said the enterprising 24-year-old. “When I got to the shop yesterday there was already a line of 30 people waiting outside.

“We just can’t cope with demand and have already ordered more machines and are hiring more staff.”

But where did he get the idea of creating a waffle shaped like the male organ?

“I don’t know really, it just seemed like something that would work in Chueca” he laughed.

Bauerbaum, who runs Ice Cream & Dreams, a successful ice cream parlour in nearby Malasaña, explained that he was looking for a second business idea when “pollofres” a mix of the word 'polla' (a Spanish slang word for penis) and gofres (Spanish for waffles) popped into his head.

“Ice-cream doesn’t do so well in winter so I thought about waffles, and then found out that the moulds could be made in shape we wanted, and I  just thought, yeah, let’s try it.”

All sorts of people are drawn to his product.

“It isn’t just gays who want them. We have lots of women, hetrosexual couples, even older people have been in,” Bauerbaum said.

“Everyone takes selfies, pictures or videos with them.”

The waffles cost €3.80 plus 50 cents for a sauce topping which comes in Nutella, white chocolate and strawberry flavour.

“The most popular by far is the white chocolate. People like the realism I suppose,” he laughed.

The sweet treats are proving a big hit on Instagram with La Polleria – a pun on the word ‘polla’ which is slang for penis in Spanish and the traditional name for a roast chicken eaterie – attracting a thousand followers within the first 24 hours.

“I always think of business ideas with a strong potential for Instagram and social media. It’s free advertising and in this case it’s working brilliantly,” Bauerbaum admitted.