Tasty Spain: top regional food and drink (Part 1)

In this week's The Local List, we take readers on an epic mouth-watering tour of some of Spain's most amazing regional specialities. From lamprey eels to candied fruits and all points in between, there's something here for all taste buds.

Tasty Spain: top regional food and drink (Part 1)
Sardines on a stick, or espetos, are a popular dish in Andalusia. Photo: teclasorg/Flicker

Spain is a complex place. The country is carved into 17 different regions, and each is fiercely proud of its local traditions and history.

And when it comes to food and drink, the regional contrasts are especially marked.

From Asturias to Andalusia, and from Catalonia to the Canary Islands, the locals make merry in very different ways.

In this week's Local List food expert and tour guide James Blick takes us on part one of a two-part tour of the top regional food experiences in Spain.

Click here to take the mouthwatering journey.

James Blick works for Madrid Food Tour

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