Stag night ‘kidnap’ prank hits Spanish headlines

The truth about a "masked and armed kidnapping" in Madrid on Friday was only revealed when the "victim" read police reports in a national newspaper and realized they were referring to a harmless incident at his stag party.

Stag night 'kidnap' prank hits Spanish headlines
The "firearm" used in the "kidnapping" was actually a plastic toy gun. Photo: Flickr/Virany

Police in Madrid received phone calls from alarmed bystanders on Friday telling them that two masked gunmen had bundled a victim into a black Mercedes in the upmarket Madrid neighbourhood of Salamanca.

The story was published in Spanish daily El Mundo on Sunday and read on Monday morning by 37-year- old IT worker José Manuel Conde.

He told reporters that he immediately thought, "Shit, that's my stag party!" 

The unusual party pickup was the idea of José's friend, David who was helped by a third man.

"We had to see how to get him there (to the party) and I had the idea of the kidnapping," he explained.

"We parked the car and the first thing we did was put on our balaclavas."

David claims that they explained to various people in the area what they were doing while they waited for José to finish work.

He said that most people were laughing.

"Someone else must have seen us from a distance and misinterpreted it."

The duo seized their friend, who is due to get married on the 27th of July, covered his head with a bag and threw him in the trunk of the car.

"He believed it for about 20 minutes, he was scared, then he started laughing."

"When I read the news in El Mundo I freaked out a bit," said David.

He phoned the police who didn't see the funny side of the story and insisted that David visit the station where he was warned that it had been "a dangerous game".

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Spanish police arrest man over alleged kidnap of daughter at gunpoint in Britain

Spanish police said Wednesday they have arrested an Algerian man who allegedly snatched his two-year-old daughter at gunpoint in Britain and fled the country with her.

Spanish police arrest man over alleged kidnap of daughter at gunpoint in Britain
File photo of a man in handcuffs. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP.

The 44-year-old was detained on a plane at Madrid airport during a scheduled stop en route to Oran, Algeria's second city, on August 1st, the same day he abducted his daughter in Nottingham, a police spokesman said.

The man, who had lost custody of his daughter, turned up at the house where she was staying “and took her by force after threatening the staff with a firearm and tying them up,” police said in a statement.

“Officers located and detained the fugitive in a plane which was about to take off. The girl was with him”.

British police said reports that the girl had been in a children's home were inaccurate and she was in fact taken from a family home.   

As part of the same investigation, British police have also arrested and charged a 43-year-old woman for child abduction, possession of a firearm, false imprisonment and aggravated burglary.

The girl was handed over to social services in Madrid until she can be returned to Britain, the Spanish police spokesman said.   

The man is waiting to appear before a judge in Madrid who will decide whether to extradite him back to Britain to face trial, he added.